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The Kremer’s have three generations of businesses in St. Anthony, Ohio. Lawrence Kremer started a store in 1923 selling groceries, buying eggs and live poultry. He had three different trucks that he would sell to customers from. In 1956 a new 7,000 square foot store was established. It was run by his son Tom and Bill Zehringer. Lawrence passed away in 1967. The store was later converted into an IGA grocery store which also sold hardware and gas. It even had a service station.


Kremer’s guns was started in the early 80s in the Kremer’s IGA store in St. Anthony that was originally owned by my grandpa Lawrence Kremer. I used the license from dad’s (Tom Kremer) hardware store in Kremer’s IGA and started selling guns and reloading components when I was really into trapshooting. The store was sold in the early 80s, and I moved the gun business to Wabash, and from there I moved to Celina to the Logan street barbershop.


After five years there I moved from Logan Street to the old radio hospital. I would work at Fishers Meats during the day and I sold guns at night in Celina. Then in 2002 I sold my business to Carl Jackson. He kept the name Kremer’s guns and we moved to the Hamilton Street location after he bought Hunters and Shooters gun shop because it had a range. We moved the Logan Street gun shop to the Hamilton Street gun shop for more room.


After five years Carl Jackson passed away and the gun shop was closed by the Jackson family and completely sold at auction. My good friend at the time, Doug Depweg, bought the building and asked me to be partners. We started Kremer’s Guns back in the same building in September 2005 as we remodeled by putting in new carpet, new shelving, and a new design – basically we redid the whole shop.


I had a heart attack in November 2012 and was involved in a car accident in December 2012. I was out of work for the following year, so Doug and I parted ways. With all the down time, I had plenty of time to figure out my next plan, which was to open back up in St. Anthony and just built an apartment in there.


The store was closed for 20 years, so with some friends help we remodeled it and opened up the store in St. Anthony where I had started 35 years ago. The store needed a new roof, new siding, heating, and air. I opened up the shop now called Kremer’s Shooting Sports in the back part of the building. With 35 years of collecting old boxes, signs, and collectables I had plenty of items to put up for people to look at. I also decided to put in a walk-in gun vault for security purposes and because no one else in the area has one. At night I can just roll my gun cases in, lock up, and set my alarm for a no worry security setting.


I have 35 years in the gun business with some trapshooting, reloading, pistol shooting, and hunting. I am a lifetime member of the amateur trapshooting association with 50,000 registered targets. I’m a lifetime member of the NRA Mercer county Sportsmens Association Ohio gun collectors and I’m a certified NRA instructor.



Kremer’s Shooting Sports specializes in firearms and ammunition for hunting, trapshooting, target practice and pistol shooting.  Come check out our new GUN VAULT and all of our awesome merchandise.